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Sometimes photography teaches you staring at pictures. Eyes that reveal thoughts and souls. Landscapes which calls you to admire them. Small things of minor significance that have a story to tell. All these pictures which only for few moments stand to be admired by the human naked eye can be passed into the eternity with only one click of your camera. Isn't it great how much feelings ,thoughts and memories, how much power just one click of your camera can carry ? For me photography doesn't start with a camera and never ends without it. Photography follows me in every blink of my eye and teached me how to recognize admirable sights , which in the past would be left behind. Sometimes i have the opportunity to immortalize them through my camera lens. Digital photography might made the art more feasible for everyone but on the other hand gave us the ability to exhibit and share our photos ,share our imagination and feelings, share ideas,comments and innovations. That is why I decided to publish and maintain this photoblog, to share pictures and inspiration ,share nature ,human expressions  . Thank you for visiting my site and reading my thoughts throughout these pages.

Philip Dimopoulos

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